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Exciting news! Pro Staff is looking to expand our internal team – and we want you to consider joining us! In particular, we’re looking for talent specialists (aka, recruiters) and talent managers (aka, staffing managers).

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So what do talent specialists and talent managers do? The primary job duties of a talent specialist are to source and recruit talent. This includes following up with candidates, screening/qualifying, scheduling interviews, interviewing, initiating paperwork, and onboarding. Those with recruiting, interviewing, and hiring experience should consider the talent manager position. This role works directly with clients to understand their staffing needs.

A Day in the Life of a Talent Specialist

Beyond job duties, you may be wondering what the average day is like on the job. Find out below!

The day starts off with a cup of coffee and checking emails.

Shortly after, we meet as a team to go over open orders, discuss daily goals, and catch up.

During the meeting, we review current job openings and update our open order sheet.

We use a whiteboard to keep track of where candidates are at in the hiring process.

Now for one of the best parts of the day – extending a job offer! It’s so rewarding to be a part of someone’s career path.

We don’t always eat lunch at our desk, but sometimes it’s nice to have time to catch up on emails. (We’ll make time for a team walk later!)

Interviewing is another exciting part of the day. It’s fun to get to know new people, understand their career goals, and guide them through the interview process.

After the interview is complete, it’s time to update the candidate portal so that we can keep track of all of the people we meet with every day! The portal helps us stay organized.

A ‘winning’ way to end the day – celebrating the results of a friendly office competition.

Fun Outside of the Office

At Pro Staff, we don’t just say that we ‘work hard, play hard’ – we live it! Below are some ways that we have fun in and out of the office:

Attending a co-worker’s wedding

Cheering on the Twins

Breaking up the day with a fun office game

What Our People Say

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from the people who serve in these roles every day!

What makes Pro Staff a great place to work?

“The people and the culture. I love my team! We work very well together and even get together outside of work. I love our ‘work hard, play hard’ motto and that we celebrate each other’s successes. We also are given a number of resources through Pro Staff, Atterro, and Advantage Resourcing – and can always reach out to other offices for assistance. Finally, I love that everyone here is goal-driven. We make work fun with friendly competitions.”

Why should someone want to become a talent specialist/recruiter?

“It is a great stepping stone position – especially for those just starting their career or looking to change careers. You hone in on a variety of skills including multitasking, prioritizing, organizational skills, communication skills, and much more.”

Are there opportunities for advancement?

“Yes! Pro Staff sets you up to grow in the company. Many talent specialists are promoted within a year. In fact, I was in this role for just seven months when a promotion to talent manager was presented to me!”

Join us!

This blog post offers just a glimpse into the average day of a talent specialist/manager. To learn more and apply, view our internal job openings to find an opportunity near you. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you start an exciting career in the staffing industry!