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Contact CenterNational Weight Loss Company:
Personal Contact is Key to Staffing this Call Center

THE CHALLENGE. A national weight loss company operates a large call center that experiences a peak season from October through February each year. The company called on Pro Staff and another agency to each provide 40 temporary workers to assist during this time period. The people placed in these jobs could potentially be offered full-time employment if they outperformed their peers.

THE ACTION PLAN. Pro Staff enlisted both of its Kansas City offices to recruit, qualify, and present candidates for the various available shifts.

  • One recruiter handled all communication with the client’s management team. The recruiter also spoke to each qualified candidate in depth about the  position and the client’s expectations
  • The client’s managers and supervisors conducted face-to-face interviews of screened candidates at a Pro Staff location to make their final selection
  • Pro Staff conducted extensive orientation with new workers to reiterate shift schedules, policies, and procedures during the peak season

THE RESULT. Pro Staff successfully fulfilled the order for 40 call center workers within the client’s two week timeframe. Turnover was held to a minimum through performance meetings with the client’s supervisors and weekly coaching sessions with the workers.

Having exceeded the client’s expectations, Pro Staff was tapped two weeks later to fill another training class of 15 workers.  The other agency was not asked for assistance.

Pro Staff was granted the exclusive staffing relationship for the client’s next peak season due to the level of talent presented, their performance on the job and the exceptional service the client received from Pro Staff the previous year.

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