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Med DeviceGlobal Medical Device Manufacturer:
Outsourced Management of a Large Contingent Workforce

THE CHALLENGE. A global medical device company was doing all of its own hiring for hundreds of product builder positions while, at the same time, trying to maintain a temporary pool of up to 100 people who could work on a moment’s notice. During peak business periods there were too few employees to meet production demands. During slow times, there were too many people on staff and nowhere to place them. The turnover rate was 35% percent: one in three employees left within the first six months. Revenue suffered and costs were out of control.

THE ACTION PLAN. Pro Staff’s professional on-site staff implemented proven processes to gather internal hiring trends and needs, recruit qualified candidates, screen and select appropriate talent, based on competency requirements for various manufacturing areas, and provide daily talent management. Appropriate technology solutions were also deployed to supply comprehensive reporting and analysis. The objectives were to:

  • Effectively manage headcount requirements to meet the production demand
  • Improve recruitment efforts in order to ensure a steady supply of on-demand qualified talent
  • Increase talent retention to improve product quality and delivery times
  • Develop measurement tools to better manage workforce scheduling
  • Customize Pro Staff services and processes to meet the unique culture of the company

THE RESULT. By outsourcing the daily management of its flexible staff to Pro Staff, the company was able to focus on its core business and increase revenue and profits.

  • Production staff levels were successfully managed, growing to 1200 people working at peak times and reducing to 550 when production was slow. The company reached record profits through better workforce management.
  • During Pro Staff’s first year as the company’s exclusive supplier, turnover dropped from 35% to 10%. It continues at less than 15%.
  • Annual cost savings goals are mutually set and have been achieved every year.
  • The combination of personalized customer service, improved processes and appropriate technology have allowed both companies to enjoy a successful 15-year relationship.

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