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Film LabPhotography Film Lab:
Efficiency in Peak Season Staffing

THE CHALLENGE. A Minneapolis/St. Paul-based film lab for portrait photographers needed assistance with staffing seasonal employees to meet production demands during their busiest season of the year.

THE ACTION PLAN. Initially, the film lab hired temporary employees on its own, but turned to Pro Staff in order to:

  • Recruit and screen candidates faster
  • Hire workers from a larger pool of candidates
  • Reduce employee overtime hours
  • Shift responsibility for employee benefits, payroll and unemployment claims to a third party provider

THE RESULT.  Pro Staff successfully sourced more than 110 temporary employees within a three-month time period and reduced the amount of overtime employees were paid by 50%, compared to the previous year. Pro Staff also worked with the client company’s external timekeeping and payroll system to provide checks and balances, as well as reporting functions for forecasting purposes.

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