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Secrets Of A Strong Resumé

How to prepare a resume

CLEAN DESIGN. Your resumé should showcase your background, training and accomplishments. Focus on good organization:

  • No fancy fonts. Choose a typestyle that’s easy to read.
  • Use bullets. They make it easier for your employer to scan and remember your information.

WORDS COUNT. Your resumé should be thoughtfully written, focusing on meaningful information that speaks directly to the position you’re targeting. It’s meant to provide a snapshot, not tell your life story. Save the details for the interview when you have a better handle on what kind of information your audience needs. And keep it clear. Don’t just use Spellcheck; reread it to be sure it flows well. Is all this overwhelming? Your Pro Staff recruiter can guide you.

Here are the must-haves of every good resume:

  • Career Chronology. Show employer names, dates of employment and key projects you worked on. This gives hiring managers a good picture of your background, and helps them evaluate the relevance of your experience to their projects and clients.
  • Education. Highlight a degree or coursework relevant to your field, especially if you’re a recent graduate. If you’re several years out of school, or if you have a degree in a field unrelated to your current job search, be sure to list any continuing education you’ve pursued, including workshops and seminars – but only if relevant to the type of work you want. This demonstrates that you’re actively interested in learning new things.
  • Tech Skills. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone has them so it’s nothing special. If you don’t list these skills, people assume you don’t have them. Include your experience with specific tools, equipment, systems, programs or software.